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Leśna 45 (wjazd od ul.Ząbkowskiej)
05-270 Marki

Tel.: 22 761 03 01
Tel.: 22 761 03 02

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You can see the Pop-up Login Module on the very right of the screen --->
You can publish the module "On All Pages" and it will always appear there.


BT Login Module

  • Ability to run the same time with login module of Joomla
  • 2 style display options : Modal box and Drop down
  • Allow to load other modules
  • Log-in/Log-out Redirection Page options
  • Ajax Login & Ajax Registration
  • Support Recaptcha
  • Support to open login/registration popup anywhere with click event
  • Integrated component: K2, JoomSocial, CB & Custom
  • Easy and friendly back-end administration